Dittany Baby SkidPants

Dittany Baby's SkidPants were created to protect your baby's precious skin from rug burn as they learn to crawl and walk. Now with various styles and colors to choose from they can be added to any outfit for protection, added warmth or just for a little "Spice". Makes diaper changes or potty trips very fast! No tights to pull down then back up!
These are one size and they fit most babies at the crawling stage. SkidPants are also great for early potty training and will fit up to smaller 2T kids.

When the designer's son began to crawl it wasn't long before she realized that he was going to crawl "His way". Soon she was doctoring his "skid marks" (otherwise known as rug burn) on his precious legs and feet. From this, Skid Pants were born. She needed some way to protect his little legs and give him the freedom to move and continue to learn that long pants often didn't provide.

Acrylic/Spandex blend, approx 16" in length.

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