Kinder-Cashmere Layette

Today's steal, a layette set in washable soft 100% cashmere from Kinder Cashmere.

Precious keepsakes that are worthy of passing down from generation to generation. Perfect for baby's first photo, simple, beautiful with impeccable quality.

Kinder-Cashmere Layette is made of 100% cashmere with playful duck and bunny needlepoint designs. Available in soft hues of pink, blue, green, yellow and white, this knit-wear will cradle your little one from head to toe up to 24 months.

Kinder-Cashmere, is a product of all of the places Danielle Holmes has lived. From New York's luxurious and bold style to France's charm and sophistication to Maine's homespun hardiness, the cashmere collection she created contains a spirit of all of these places.

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