Bounce-a-Bye Baby by Luna Lullaby

The Bounce-a-Bye Baby ball is a parent’s perfect companion. It can be used as a birthing ball, as a baby soothing motion seat, and a pre and post pregnancy fitness ball. Unlike any other ball on the market, designed to be seen and loved by all. No need to hide this one away from company!

A great way to soothe fussy or colicky babies through rhythmic motion
Bouncing a baby simulates a more womb-like atmosphere
Stabilizing base reduces the risk of rolling providing a more safe and secure place to bounce
Can ease the pressure and discomfort of labor while properly aligning the pelvis
Using the ball throughout pregnancy will stimulate postural reflexes and keep deep supportive muscles
Great for workout, toning, and strengthening body muscles
Stability Support Stand, Hand Pump, and Use and Care Information Insert included with Inflatable Anti-Burst Ball
Weight tested to 600 lbs.

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