The Gigi Blanki Co. Strolli Blanket

Remember the contest we ran a few weeks ago? Did you win? No? We're very sorry, and here's our peace offering. A strolli for you at an unbelieveable price!

{ strolli } 30" x 35"
An Opulent Take-Along Blanket
Great for day trips to the zoo, napping at grandma's, or as a posh crib blanket, these "strollin' snugglers" are the ultimate in comfort. Three different fabrics give babies lots of texture to explore and keep little hands busy.

Every blanket from The Gigi Blank Co is hand made, start to finish. Softer than your baby's rear, it's the perfect permanent security blanket, from birth to college!

Impress everyone at the next baby shower you attend, give a strolli!

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