Polkadot Papoose Baby Sling

Stylish...Practical...Irresistible. Call them what you will, but unless you've worn one, you can't possibly appreciate the artistry, versatility and comfort of a hand-crafted Polkadot Papoose baby sling. Established by a free-lance babywear designer with a vision for a product that would capture the hearts of sensible-yet-fashionable moms from coast to coast, more than a brand; the hand-scissored edge of the babywear industry and the "must-have" sling for the emerging mom.

How to determine your size:

Measure from your shoulder to the opposite hipbone with a soft tape measure. Your sling measurement will usually correspond to your t-shirt size. Correct sizing is important.

Sling Sizes:
s 23-24 m 25-26 l 27-28

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