Skipping Hippos Poncho

Just a cute little twist on more Halloween goodies from BabySteals.com.

The weather is just about ready to get clean and crisp and what could be better than a pom-pom happy poncho for your little dear? It almost cold enough for a winter coat, a jacket may be nice but why not add a little style. Skipping Hippos handmade designs are the most adorable way for your little fashionista to welcome the fall months in style.

The crafty genius behind Skipping Hippos says it best, "If you and your daughter are on an undercover spy mission, do not let her wear the poncho. If you and your daughter are hoping for a low profile, dash out un-noticed, errand, don't put the poncho on her. People will stop you, and people will notice and people will talk about your beautiful little girl in her cute little poncho."

Apple: celery green fleece with mixed colored flower trim and aqua pom pom trim

Edna: orange fleece with multicolored floral trim and lavender pom poms

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