Chic Tots Chic&Carry™ Wristlet

It's not just a diaper bag, it's also a wipes bag, and a bag for all your personal necessities!

The Chic&Carry™ Wristlet is a stylish and practical little bag with multiple uses. The center pouch is big enough to hold 2-4 diapers and comes with a matching soft wipes case.

This diaper bag has an easy-to-access zippered pocket for personal items. The strap on the bag makes it easy to carry on your wrist or attach to a stroller. It also comes with an oval ring to attach the bag to sling rings or a belt loop. Waterproof nylon makes it perfect for containing wet items.

The wristlet dimensions are 10" x 6.75", the coordinating wipes holder is 8.75" x 5.5".

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