Posies Accessories Halloween Bow Set

Posies are back, this time for Halloween and beyond. Each Posies Accessories bow is made with high quality ribbon and has a no-fray guarantee. Bows are attached to pinch clips making them versatile and simple to fasten to the included Soft & Stretchy Headband, elastics and, of course, hair.

Included in the set:
Ribbon Bow Holder Black
Soft & Stretchy Headband Black
Basic Bow Purple & White
Bitty Bow Sheer Black
2 Curly Halloween Bows (for pig tails!)
Bitty Grosgrain Apple Green Bow

Soft & Stretchy Interchangeable Headband
With unmatched versatility and comfort, the Soft & Stretchy Headband is a must-have for every girl. Interchangeable, any bow or clippie can be easily attached to the headband. Made with a soft, high-quality 50% cotton 50% lycra fabric, it's hand-finished with ½ inch grosgrain ribbon in the center and a clever pocket for bows and clippies to attach to.

Basic Bow
The Basic Bow is a perfect bow, a classic style and size for any age. The bow is made of two layers, providing fullness that lasts. The bottom layer is made with 1 ½ inch grosgrain ribbon. The top layer is made with 1 ½ inch sheer ribbon. The bow spans 3 ¼ inches and is attached to our versatile pinch clips.

Bitty Bows
The Bitty Bow is the pretty bow. Ideal for babies, it also adds an elegant, sweet touch to any girls’ hair. The bow is made with ¾ inch sheer ribbon. A delicate satin ribbon cinches the center. The bow spans 3 inches and is attached to our versatile pinch clips. The clips are hand finished with 5/8 inch grosgrain ribbon wrapped around two-thirds of the clip.

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