Cozy Wedge

CozyWedge a Safer, Simpler Crib Bumper

Why a wedge-shaped bumper? No pacifiers on the floor in the morning, no leg stuck between the slots.

Traditional crib bumpers look great, but they have drawbacks. Some safety organizations say padded bumpers pose a SIDs risk. They can also help babies climb out of a crib. Plus, they make changing the sheets a big hassle!

CozyWedge bumpers fit snugly around the crib, won't slip down and are easy to remove for sheet changing. They cushion the crib for your baby but they have a safer, firm surface that won't form a pocket around a baby's mouth and nose. The shock-absorbing foam is the same foam used in swimming noodles, and is totally nonabsorbent, CFC-free and odorless. The slipcovers are completely washable.

Slipcovers are machine washable. Prints are 100% cotton.

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