Baby Legs - Set of 2

BabyLegs are the smartest yet hippest accessory you can get for baby. Keep baby's tootsies warm in stylish fall colors for your boy- and the pinkest of the pink for girls!

Ivy League Organic- A class act in subtle sophistication. You'll always make the grade in these BabyLegs, a general study of stripes in sage and olive green, with deep burgundy highlights.
Navy Ribbed - Ribbed for cozy comfort and snug stability, BabyLegs Basics have all the benefits of socks, tights, gloves, and sleeves combined into a single fun accessory in a range of standard colors. Layer them according to your mood and temperature, and wear them however and as often as you please!

39cm is 'a little longer' so they are great for expanding wardrobes!

Neapolitan 39cm-A classic flavor for your baby's legs, or a tasty treat added to a school uniform. With chocolate, vanilla, and pink strawberry stripes complimented by a hint of yellow, Neapolitan is versatile, functional, and sweet!
Pink Ribbed- Ribbed for cozy comfort and snug stability.

BabyLegs are the answer to:
-Keep their cute and chubby knees from chafing when they scoot and crawl.
-Taking baby's diaper off for an air-out? BabyLegs make it cozy!
-Keep legs (and arms) warm year round. Tug them over their feet for extra warmth.
-Provide light weight sun (and cold!) protection.
-Make potty training easier.
-Jazz up any dance class.
-Make a fun fashion statement with styles for every occasion!

Did we mention they're so very cute?

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