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Ju-Ju-Be BeChanged

One hot brand, one hot bag, one hot price...BeChanged with Ju-Ju-Be and BabySteals.com!

It's a hybrid twist between a pad and a bag! The BeChanged changes the way you think about keeping up with baby. Functional pockets entice you to believe it's a bag. A giant changing area made with comfy memory foam remind you it's a changing pad. Great for growing babies. It's time for a change!

Click here to see a video of this handy dandy bag in action!


  1. Zippered pocket under the flap holds lots of essentials or a change of clothes. P.S. there's another zippered pocket on the outside flap. It's for storing stuff that you need to get when the pad is folded up.
  2. Another zippered pocket, you'll figure out what to do with it... like lotions and potions that keep baby's bum soft and rash free
  3. Memory foam changing area
  4. Fold it, snap it, roll it and go!
  5. Flap pockets down low for diapers and wipes. Why are they down low? Because that's were you are when you're changing your sweet baby. It's tough enough to keep the wriggling critter from rolling all over the place!
  6. Detachable Mess Shuttle. Dishwasher and washing machine safe! You're well prepared for a blow out now. It doesn't make them any more fun, just not so messy.

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