That Baby CD-DVD Set

Quick BabySteals fans cleaned us out last time so fast we had to bring these back!

Unique Baby Gifts from That Baby DVD

This isn’t baby music. It’s music the whole family will enjoy – including babies

That Baby CD is a groundbreaking collection of kid-friendly acoustic covers of songs written by artists like Fleetwood Mac, Natalie Merchant, Paul Simon, The Pretenders, The Beatles, and more. Rather than relying on the old nursery rhymes or music box tones of other kids’ videos, this one really rocks. They’ve taken great songs – songs that you may have sung at camp or put on a mix tape in your youth – and reworked them with fantastic new acoustic and vocal arrangements.

That Baby DVD combines the music from the CD with visuals of kids at play, nature, puppets, and animation.

Both products are made in the USA using recycled materials. The parent-run company offers a "no questions asked" money back guarantee and lifetime replacement of scratched discs.




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