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Baby Legs Jack or Jill Gift Set

The Jack BabyLegs Gift Set and Jill BabyLegs Gift Set each include three pairs of perfectly picked BabyLegs for your sweet little one. One pair of polka dots, one pair of stripes and one jester style pair, per set.

These designs are only available in this set. Like busy moms, these leg warmers multi-task! BabyLegs provide easy access to diapers and also allow a bare bottom while keeping legs (and arms) warm. Once your baby starts crawling, BabyLegs protect those soft knees from miles of crawling on not so soft surfaces. In a multitude of woven designs, good for both girls and boys, your child can also use BabyLegs to make a fun fashion statement. Under shorts, skirts, or with a onesie at the beach, park, ballet or soccer practice these leg warmers make a perfect gift. Soft and stretchy, one size fits most newborns to ten year olds and are made of 80% cotton, 15% polyester, and 5% spandex.