Wallcandy Arts Wall Decals

Wallcandy Arts, hip, modern reusable wall decals. Amazing designs for your home by way of our reusable adhesive wall art.

Chalkboard Tree

A tree grows in your room! (not just in Brooklyn) Shake your branches and clap for this adorable ChalkBoard wall sticker! This perfect tree décor will bring the outside in with fun wall graphics. You can nest the removable wall art birds anywhere in the tree or room. You’ll be so happy to have this tree wall sticker in your space that you might want to swing from it! (be careful, Tarzan).

Each kit comes with an approximately 30” tree as well as 13 little birds to arrange around your tree (or use for small notes around your room). *WallCandy Printed ChalkBoard Technology is Patent Pending


Holy cow! You will be the grooviest farmer in the dell with this delightful farm wall decoration. Oink, chirp and moo every time you gaze at these adorable wall decals. Drive your tractor, plant your trees and hop on the lawn of this charming wall art. You will want to while away the hours with this Grazeland wall art until the cows come home.

Each kit contains 18' of grass, 16 trees, 2 barns with silos and 2 tractors to get around in. Plus 6 cows, 20 chicks, 8 pigs, 12 bunnies and 12 lambs.

Q: How do I apply WallCandy?
A: Application is a simple three-step process of peel, place then smooth with your hand. Then your WallCandy can be rearranged and easily removed numerous times. Freshly painted or cleaned walls should be completely dry before applying the product. Completely dry may be longer than you think. In some room environments that could mean a few weeks for every layer to be cured.

Q: How long will my WallCandy stay up on my wall?
A: WallCandy is as easy to remove as it is to install but left alone it will stay on your wall for 3-5 glorious, artful years.

Q: Will WallCandy stick to any wall in my house?
A: WallCandy adheres to any clean, smooth surface without pretreatment. With wallpaper, textured and finished wood surfaces, test a sample first for effect…then go hog wild.

Q: What do I do if an individual piece of art is too big for the area I’d like to install it?
A: WallCandy can be cut with a scissor or overlapped to suit your decorating needs.

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