milk lush myPad

milk lush’s myPad uses include: airports, ferries, restaurant dining, tummy time, diaper changing, play dates, picnics, arts and crafts, time outs and grocery cart covers It's phthalate-free, non-toxic, vegan, weatherproof, machine washable and darling!

The creation of Ashley Ramsay, each hand-made myPad is a double sided, 26” square, vinyl pad that’s both funky and uber-functional. Large enough for a play mat (or as a resting place for Bumbo seats), small enough to roll up and throw in your diaper bag, each side of the hard-wearing vinyl is appliquéd.

And if you are using your MyPad for both diaper changing and picnics, well, it’s good to know it’s anti-bacterial wipe friendly.

The myPad™ play n splat mat is a double sided, disinfectable, washable, wipeable, waterproof multipurpose splat mat perfectly sized for life on the go at 27"x27". Roll it up and go!

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