DryBees All In One Hybrids - Set of 2

DryBees Cloth diapers, we're so excited to offer these reusable cloth diapers!

one blue diaper and one cow diaper

one pink diaper and one cow diaper.

These pocket diapers are made with Polyurethane Laminated (PUL) Polyester water proof outer fabric and a super soft suedecloth inner. Suedecloth pulls moisture away from your baby's skin to keep your little one`s bottom as DRY as can BEE.

No additional items to purchase as these diapers feature their own three layer microfiber insert enclosed within the body of the waterproof diaper and leg casings for a sure fit.

Suedecloth also looks new wash after wash and resists staining. Hook and loop closures make DryBees diapers as easy as disposables. Fold over laundry tabs make washing simple.

One of the most common reasons people state as to why they do not like hook and loop closing diapers is that the "velcro" rides up and irritates their baby's tummy, or rides down and irritates their legs. These diapers have been top stitched at the belly to keep the diaper where it is supposed to be.

These diapers are so adjustable that even the novice cloth diaper user will be able to pick them up and start using them successfully. If you have been considering using cloth diapers but didn't know where to start then these are the diapers for you. They are one of the easiest, best fitting and functioning diapers on the market today.
Microfiber is the perfect choice for All In One diapers since it takes a short amount of time in the dryer or on the line for your diaper to be dry, fluffy and ready to use.

Since the absorbent layer is sewn within the diaper these diapers truly are as easy as disposables. Here is the hybrid part - for those babies that need a little extra there is an opening in the back for an additional insert. DryBees AIO Hybrid's are the perfect solution for every baby.

*No Stuffing
*No Folding
*No Removing
*No Lost Inserts


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