Wisey Daddy Diaper Bag and Mommy's Bag

Daddy's Diaper Bag

Daddy deserves one too! A bag designed especially for him. A masculine diaper bag for daddies on the go with baby. Featuring over the shoulder adjustable strap, specially designed pockets for bottles, wipes, diapers, a change of clothes and more. Inside, a clip for keys a pacifier and a removeable pouch for dirty diaper or dirty clothes. Faux suede.

Mommy's Bag

The Chic alternative to the big diaper bag. Holds a bottle, wipes, diapers, wallet, cellular phone, a change of cloths… Equipped with a clip for keys/a pacifier. Includes a changing mat.

Mommy’s Bag can be held on the wrist, over the shoulder, or the shoulder strap can be removed altogether to place the bag in a carryall bag. It's the most unique bag for mom we've seen. Faux suede.

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Wisey was founded in 2005 with the goal of creating practical, innovative yet fashionable care solutions for meeting real daily needs of young, busy parents.

The Wisey concept originated as a result of real parenthood in real time encountering work, home, leisure and everyday demands of dynamic parents who need to multi-task.

Designed for parents
Wisey's unique line of products offers a range of products for parents, babies and kids. Wisey's objectives are the guide line to each and every one of our products: innovative, well designed, long lasting , eco-friendly solutions that saves time and energy and by that enable the parents few more minutes of fun with their precious baby as well as preserving our planet.

Not only does Wisey use recyclable materials for products and packaging, Wisey goes the extra mile.

We believe that being green means above all consuming less!
Instead of buying more of the same or various products for a similar need, Wisey has brought forth a line of multi–task, super practical and economic products.

All products save energy, laundry use, re-purchasing and other resources.