HugaMonkey Organic Baby Sling

If you long for comfortable and hip simplicity to carry your baby, then the HugaMonkey baby sling is for you. At HugaMonkey the goal is to provide every mommy and daddy in the world with a funky, fashionable and affordable high quality baby sling.

These rock because they don't use rings, buckles or tons of fabric. They are simple to wear and store, and perfect for hugging your Monkey.

How do I figure out my baby sling size?

Picking your sling size is easy! Simply follow these steps and you'll be Huggin' in no time!

  1. Start by placing one end of a measuring tape on the top of your shoulder on your shirt seam. Using a measuring tape will give you the best measurement and the best fit.
  2. Bring the measuring tape loosely across your body to the top of your opposite hip.
  3. Don't pull it tight. You want it loose across your body.
  4. Use your measurement to find your HugaMonkey size on the chart.

This HugaMonkey baby sling has a tri-fold shoulder to both offer support and stay in place – no folding or adjusting and no worrying about slippage. The curved seam keeps baby snug as a bug. And the fabric is funky and fresh! Get one, before we're out.