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Super-Soft Clean Shopper

While some of you are grabbing these quick some of you are thinking it's a little much. Really? Did you know that shopping cart handles have more germs than public restrooms?

"Though hardly Public Enemy No. 1, shopping carts are gaining a reputation as one of the dirtiest public places, with some found to harbor such microbial villains as the diarrhea-causing Campylobacter and the potentially deadly Salmonella."
-The Wall Street Journal

Wouldn't you do anything to avoid another long night of coughing and snot from a sleepless crying baby? If you're still on the fence you already own a Clean Shopper or you've never dealt with a diarrhea diaper.


The Original Clean Shopper shopping cart cover is absolutely the best shopping cart cover value on the market! Nothing comes close to the quality, price and function of the Original!

*Meet stringent standards for quality and safety, specifically U.S. CFR Title 16 (CPSC Regulations) Part 1303 for total lead content. None of our Babe Ease products contain lead. Never leave child unattended.

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