Coccoletta Beanies and Posies Bows

Stylish hats for the gents, very girly bows for the ladies.

Coccoletta Beanies
These visor beanies are adorable on all ages. They can fit little newborns all the way past the toddler years. The comfy crochet keeps those little heads warm, but also offers a sense of style.

Coccoletta Company, which means "cute and cuddly baby" in Italian, started over 2 years ago. These little winter beanies are a brand new release this winter!

Posies Accessories Valentine Hair Bow & Clippie Set!
All of your favorite Valentine colors combined to create one very pink set. The best thing is, these colors aren't just for Valentine's Day, they match outfits the entire year. This set includes:

* 2 Soft & Sheer Three Flowers with Pearl Red Hair Clippies
* 2 Soft & Sheer Three Flowers with Pearl White Hair Clippies
* 1 Shocking Pink Bitty Sheer Hair Bow
* 2 Sweet & Satin Rose Buds Rose Pink Hair Clippies
* 2 Soft & Sheer Pearl Flower Hot Pink Hair Clippies

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