Changing Pads by Rowdy

When you need one, you really need one.

Ever been out to dinner with friends, or in the car and realized that you either don't have the stuff to change a diaper, or a diaper bag is too much to lug to the bathroom? Enter, the Rowdy Changing Pad.

Designed for short excursions where a large diaper bag isn't necessary or is inconvenient, changing pads are perfect. Each pad comes with a molded wipes case, storage for diapers, a soft, water resistant changing surface, and plenty of style... even for dad! The zipper pocket located on the outside of the pad is great for keys or a cell phone. Keep one in the car, with the grandparents and anywhere you might get caught without diapers and wipes. Because when you need wipes the most they have always been the hardest to find, until now.

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