BabyLegs NotSox - Set of 2 Pairs

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NotSox by BabyLegs, the original leg and arm warmers for your little one. NotSox by BabyLegs® are fun and stylish leg and arm warmers that are a fun summer accessory; perfect for layering on cool mornings/evenings or in air condition buildings. Our warmers make diaper changing and potty training easier, protect soft knees while crawling, especially on chilly tile floors, and provided light weight sun protection. Take NotSox with you everywhere this summer from the mall to the park to the grocery store - for the perfect extra layer.

Did we mention they're so very cute? The smartest yet hippest accessory you can get for baby.

Approximately 33 cm long
80% cotton, 15% polyester, 5% spandex.
Hand wash, line dry
One size fits most