Disney Three-in-One Pillow Pals

Each pet is a plush toy, a soft pillow and a comfy blanket all in one.

These Pillow Pals make the ideal traveling companions for children, keeping kids entertained when they are awake and comfortable when they are asleep.

Has unique novelty eye and ear stitching. Contains micro beads, making them extremely soft and fun to squeeze! The inner blankets are big, made of cozy, warm fleece that can be detached for easy washing. The blankets measure approximately 36" x 66" (3' x 5 1/2').

How to use:
Incredibly simple to use. Unlatch the velcro to transform the animals into cuddly pillows. Simply unzip the zipper located at the bottom to expose the inner blanket. Comes with instructional tag that illustrates how to properly fold up the blankets.

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