BICAL Grippers The Original Socks With Sole

We love grippers! Why? Two reasons; little kids can't get them off so they stay put! You can throw them in the washing machine. If you're in a hurry and can't find socks, just throw on some grippers!

Get a grip with these uber funky, very cool shoes that are easy on your little one's piggies. These neoprene socks are warm, breathable and machine washable.

A must have shoe for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. Used as an indoor or outdoor shoe, they are fun, flexible and functional. Excellent as a water shoe at the beach, water-park or pool. Grippers easily transition to land to be worn as a fashion sock or shoe. Indoors? No problem - no more slipping on hardwood or tile floors and perfect at daycare or preschool as kids can pull them on and off by themselves.

size length
3 4 6-9 mo
4 4.5 9 - 12 mo
5 4.75 12-18 mo
6 5 18 - 24 mo
7 5.25 24-30 mo
8 5.75 30-36 mo


Laminate or tile floors?
No problem!

Daycare and preschool?
We gotcha covered!

Beach and waterpark?
Cruise like never before!

The go-anywhere, do-anything hybrid sock that appeals to the imagination of every tot on the move. Bright, playful sock designs in combination with a non-slip, flexible rubber sole make these the ultimate in comfort and versatility.

Finally, you’ve found socks that your toddler will love and who needs shoes anyway…

These socks have sole!