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Natural Seat Topper

Innobaby's Natural Seat Topper is a multi-use seat topper designed to keep babies and toddlers more comfortable in their strollers, car seats, swings and more. Designed for babies with eczema and sensitive skin, Natural Seat Topper features an earth-friendly fabric, ramie, which is a premium natural fiber known for its absorbency, breathability, and durability. Natural Seat Topper's patented design offers improved ventilation in addition to the natural benefits of ramie fabric. This combination helps reduce the chance of overheating and relieves the discomfort from perspiration. Additionally, ramie fabric naturally offers resistance to bacteria and stains. Great for the car seat, stroller, swing or high chair.

Fiber Contents:
Top Fabric: 100% Ramie, exclusive of trimming.
Trimming: 100% Cotton
Filling and Back Fabric: 100% Polyester

Care Instructions:
Hand wash or machine wash in gentle cycle. Line dry.

15" wide at top
31" long
24" to the leg split