So, you want to join in on the BabySteals Facebook Fan Page chatter, but the community lingo has you lost? Have no fear! Use this chart to reference any abbreviations that look like gibberish, or words that leave you stumped - you will find all the translations you need here! Consider it your personal BabySteals Reference Dictionary! You will be a pro in no time! Happy Stealing!

Common online Abbreviations:
HTH hope that helps
DD dear daughter
DS dear son
DH dear husband
MIL mother-in-law
FWIW for what it's worth
IMHO in my humble opinion
LOL laughing out loud
LMAO laughing my alphabet off
YMMV your mileage may vary
TY thank you
SMH shaking my head
FS for sale
ISO in search of
TIA thanks in advance
YKWIM you know what i mean


BabySteals Related Abbreviations and Acronyms:
BF breastfeeding  
BS BabySteals  
KS KidSteals  
SS ScrapbookSteals (good luck deciphering which!)
SS surprise steal
SS secret steal
Em J Emily Johnson - BabySteals
customer service head ninja
CC credit card  
FB Facebook  
BC British Columbia  
USPS United States Postal Service  
CD cloth diapering
OMC oh my cwap video


Brand Abbreviations
PPB Petunia Pickle Bottom
RB Ruffle Butts
BL BabyLegs
BST Baby Signing Time
SKR See Kai Run
JJB Ju-Ju-Be
a+a aden + anais


BabySteals Dictionary
stookie don't ask this goes down in BabySteals urban legend, steak + cookies = stookies
stealing Taking something someone else wants. Yes, purchasing something before someone else has a chance to!  
klepto Frequent 'stealer'  
sposies diapers  
fluff cloth diapers  
steal-a-thon One steal after another, all day long!  
SoS Society of Stealers  








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