Bathing Buddies Water Sling

Many babies don't like water, whether it's routine bath time, or a trip to the pool. We can help! With the Bathing Buddies® Water Sling each water trip is a pleasant one. These versatile slings provide a variety of carrying positions for any water adventures like the shower, or pool—and it’s the perfect warm weather sling. Made of soft athletic mesh, the fabric is sturdy yet breathable and allows for quick and easy drying. No matter where your summer may take you, bring along the convenience, safety and comfort of Bathing Buddies® Water Sling!


  • made for showers, pools and outdoor use
  • use with newborns up to toddlers weighing 25 lbs.
  • made of soft athletic mesh
  • safe and sturdy construction
  • breathable material
  • easy to use pouch style sling
  • carry baby in a variety of positions
  • shower yourself and baby at the same time
  • allows free use of your hands—everything is an arm's reach away

Reasons You'll Love the Bathing Buddies® Shower Sling

  • allows mom the freedom to shower, without worrying about what to do with baby
  • convenient & easy to use
  • soothing for fussy babies who want to be held
  • babies feel secure when they are close to you
  • promotes attachment & bonding
  • many midwives recommend showering with your babies
  • saves space in your bathroom
  • no mess to clean up after showers
  • perfect for infants and toddlers
  • a safe way to shower with your baby

How To Use

This pouch-style sling is one of the easiest types of slings to use in the bath. Just fold the sling into itself, creating a pouch. Drape over your shoulder like a sash and pop your baby right in! No silly clips, buckles, or rings.

Fitting Tips

  • baby should be carried near your center of gravity
  • the curve of the sling should reach just below your navel once baby is in sling
  • sling should never dig into your neck or slide off of your shoulder

Sizing Information

Use a soft tape measure and start at the outer corner of your shoulder and measure diagonally across your body down to your hip bone. The number (in inches) should be in the 20's. If you do not have measuring tape available, try to stay in the height, weight, and shirt size guidelines. Remember the correct sizing for Bathing Buddies® shower slings is essential for both mom/dad and baby.

Sizing Guide

Small Medium Large
height 5'0" - 5'8" 5'1" - 5'10" 5'2" - 6'0"
shirt size XS - S S - M M - L
weight (lbs) 110 - 140 140 - 170 170 - 210
shoulder to hip 24" 25" 26"

Sizing chart is a guide to provide an approximate size.
It may not be exact for every body type.

About Bathing Buddies®

The Bathing Buddies® Shower Sling was created by Christine Sevier, a working mother whose husband was overseas while she raised their first child. After several unsuccessful attempts to bathe her baby in a traditional baby bath tub, she started to shower with her baby, holding her in one arm and soaping her with the other. Her baby was very happy, but this practice was very dangerous. Christine knew there had to be an easier, safer way to shower with her baby. That's when the first shower sling was created. Christine knew women all over the world showered with their babies. How could she share this with other parents? After a partnership with one of her best friends and several prototypes, the Bathing Buddies® Shower Sling was born!


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