Rain or Shine Kids 5-in-1 Protective 'B' Blanket

Back by popular demand, the Rain or Shine Kids 5-in-1 protective ‘B’ blanket is the one piece of protective gear you won't want to leave home without!

After all, when you are a mom, multi-function is key! This simple but ingenious design incorporates grosgrain ribbon ties with a soft custom designed polar fleece with a water resistant nylon backing. What you get is a protective water and wind resistant "B" blanket with endless uses! Use the Rain or Shine Kids “B” blanket seamlessly for 5 major everyday functions:

Size – 29” x 40"
Materials – 100% nylon backing, 100% poly fleece front, 100% nylon ribbon & edging.
Care instructions – machine wash cold, tumble dry low.

“I wanted to design a multi-functional blanket that would work with all my gear and protect my daughters. When my youngest was a baby I’d secure my Rain or Shine Kids blanket to her car seat for a cozy cover on the drive to the lake for our walk. Then I would take the blanket off the car seat and tie it to her stroller. When she would cry her head off half way around the lake, I would take her out to nurse her (using the blanket as a nursing cover so she would not be so distracted), lay the blanket down to change her diaper, then put her in the carrier with the blanket tied on for the rest of the walk. I never had to worry if she was covered up or bend down to pick up a dirty blanket”. - Heather Correa, owner Rain or Shine Kids.

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