MetroWraps by MetroMamma

Congratulations. You just found the most secure and comfortable baby carrier on the market – the MetroWrap™! Its unique new age baby wrap design incorporates the age-old baby sling technique for carrying your child with the fashion demands of today’s world.

The MetroWrap™ baby carrier is the perfect way to bond with your child, enjoy your freedom and look chic while doing it! Made of soft, elegant fabric, the MetroWrap™ is comfortable, breathable and washable.

Proudly made with 100% proprietary cotton fabric in the USA

Care Intructions: The MetroWrap™ is easy to care for and holds up wash after wash. Throw it in the washer with your kids' clothes and tumble dry! Refer to care label before washing.

I am a mother of 3 children - all under the age of 5! I tried all sorts of baby slings with my first 2 children and never found any of them very comfortable. I was given the MetroWrap™ as a gift just after giving birth to my third child and I cannot believe how comfortable it is! I wear the MetroWrap™ every day and LOVE the fact that I can run after my older kids, snuggle my baby in this baby wrap and look good doing it!
Sandra, mamma of 3

I have to be honest with you. I never thought I'd be the "MetroMan". My wife made me try the MetroWrap™ baby carrier the other day as she needed some space from our colicky little girl. I am forever changed. She fell asleep almost instantly in the baby wrap, and I was left free to go about my business in comfort. What a change from the rocking back and forth, child on a hip, one arm falling asleep while the other pats her back!
Tim, MetroMan

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