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Aden + Anais Muslin Swaddling Blankets ~ 4 Pack

Muslin has a light, open weave that allows air to flow seamlessly through the material. The soft natural fibers allow your baby's body temperature to adjust naturally, eliminating over-heating, but ensuring warmth and comfort. aden + anais wraps will allow you to safely swaddle your baby, giving you confidence that your baby will experience a peaceful and secure sleep.

The perfect swaddle, nearly impossible but very necessary. It's an art. New mamas, write this down. Learn to swaddle click here!

Why Swaddle?

This age old technique is used to make your baby feel safe and secure:

These delicate cotton wraps are light, yet extremely durable, and can be machine washed and tumble-dried. Best of all, the more you wash aden + anais muslin wraps, the softer they get, as the air from drying creates a unique waffled effect in the fabric.

In preparation for the arrival of their children, Aden and Anais, Aussie mothers who moved from Australia to the United States went in search of muslin wraps like the ones back home, a staple with Australian mothers. None of the wraps they found on the market in the US were the right size, they were too small to securely swaddle babies. None of the materials the other wraps used were the same soft, breathable muslin cotton used in Australia. So, they decided to make their own.



aqua brown


lime brown





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