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Caden Lane Ruffle Blankets

Mix together bold cotton geometric patterns with soft coordinating minky, add a hint of shiny satin ruffles…and you end up with a perfectly blended fusion of contemporary and traditional design! With unique patterns and colors to choose from, these blankets from Caden Lane get noticed. Light and practical enough to throw in a diaper bag and luxurious enough to gently wrap your little ones. Makes a beautiful gift.

Great ideas are born out of necessity, and no sooner did the owner and founder of Caden Lane realize that than the day she became pregnant. Like any new mom, she was on a mission to create the most unique and adorable nursery for her sweet bundle of joy. She wanted something that had a modern flair with bold colors and playful prints, but stayed away from the traditional pastels and themes that were so common among nursery decor. Before now, a new mom might as well leave her sense of style in the labor and delivery room, because baby décor meant little choices & variety. Hence the birth of Caden Lane.

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