Saranoni Satin & Plush Baby Blankets

One side of smooth silky satin will comfort your little one while the soft swirls on the other will keep them warm and cozy. Lying in a bed of clouds wouldn’t compare to Saranoni’s soft and snuggly plush and satin blankets! So soft and comforting, this will be the blanket your little one will never want to be without. Don’t miss out on what will easily become your new favorite designer blanket! Generously sized at 30X40 inches, and machine washable. Each blanket is individually styled in quality fabrics with coziness in mind:

Tan plush with blue satin
This light weight blanket is tan plush on one side, light blue satin on the other side

Cream swirl with cream satin
Cream swirly fabric on one side, cream satin on the other side

Pink swirl with pink satin
Pink swirly fabric on one side, pink satin on the other side

Chocolate swirl with pink dot satin
Rich, chocolate swirly fabric on one side, pink satin with chocolate polka dots on the other side

Saranoni believes quality, designer baby duds and accessories should be made available to all. Saranoni offers affordable luxuries for the everyday mom - without sacrificing excellence in design, materials, and service.

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