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Baby Signing Time Vol. 1-4 DVD/CD Gift Set

Join the Baby Signing Time Revolution with Emmy-nominated Host Rachel Coleman!

Baby Signing Time DVDs - a must-have for any smart parent! Learn sign language the fun and easy way.

Have you ever realized that ALL babies sign before they speak? They wave "bye bye," blow kisses, play pat-a-cake. They naturally use their hands to communicate.

Babies can easily pick up and begin to use REAL sign language to actually communicate what they see, feel, and need - long before they start talking. Signing gives baby a head start on language. Many babies will begin speaking earlier, beginning with the words they've been signing.

CRACKERS, MILK, EAT, MOM... Baby Signing Time teaches you all the basic words you use every day. Parents who sign with their babies are often amazed by what their little one has to say. Don't wait to communicate!

Baby Signing Time DVDs are for children ages 3 months through 3 years old, for co-viewing with parents. Each DVD teaches dozens of real American Sign Language vocabulary words and contains 30 minutes of impressive music and fun animation. Featuring the phenomenal Emmy-nominated host Rachel Coleman, co-creator of Baby Signing Time.

Set contains four DVDs and four Music CDs. Music CDs contain audio tracks only and do not contain video.

Baby Signing Time Volume 1-4 Previews:




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