Andee Lew Clothing

Every baby deserves good wardrobe basics from Andee Lew! Lightweight and fitted, these bodysuits are just what you need for every season. Super easy to layer thanks to the one-of-a-kind fit, your Andee Lew basics can and will be easily worn all year round! With several color combinations to decide between, you might just end up buying them all!

Andee Lew Clothing brings simplicity into the lives of young mothers with "bare naked shirts” for 0-5 year olds


About Andee Lew Clothing:

After numerous futile shopping trips searching for a solid colored undershirt for her little girl, Andee Lew Clothing owner, Lindsay Kelly, became extremely frustrated with the lack of stylish clothing options available in infant and toddler sizes. Everything in the stores appeared to be overdone and covered with excess embroidery, die-cuts and frills. Her search ended in vain when it became clear that a simple, well-cut, plain colored shirt did not readily exist for her daughter.

Determined to not give into the sub-par manufacturing options available, Lindsay took on the task of creating the perfect shirts herself. Finally, she had decent solid colored tee-shirts and bodysuits to offer fellow frustrated mothers!

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