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gDiapers Everyday g's 6-Pack gPants Cloth Covers

For the last 40 years there have been two choices in diapers. Cloth or disposable. Now gDiapers offers a third option. A hybrid diaper utilizing cloth, and 100% biodegradable, flushable inserts. gDiapers puts waste where it belongs, in the toilet. Not the landfill.

Start up or stock up. This set includes three great orange and three genuine vanilla bean little gPants, swishstick and handy user guide. Use with gRefills or use with gCloth (sold separately) and you’ll find they’re far less expensive than other cloth covers!

A totally new way to think about diapers.

gDiapers, which stands for green diapers, consist of a washable, cotton outer gPant and your choice between a plastic-free biodegradable gRefill, or gCloth diaper insert. gPants are made of breathable material just like sports clothing. So, babies stay dry and happy and are far less likely to get diaper rash.

Flush, compost or toss with gRefills.

Use biodegradable gRefills and you can flush, compost or even toss. It's ok to toss gDiaper’s flushable refills because they're plastic-free. They'll break down in the landfill in about 90 days vs. up to 500 years for a disposable. Or garden compost the wet ones. They'll break down in 50-150 days.

See them break down here

Wash and reuse with gCloth.

Use gCloth and you can wash and re-use. Either option is a guilt-free, plastic-free way to care for your baby and the planet. Many moms and dads are “hybrid” users, using biodegradable gRefills for out-and-about use or overnight, and gCloth for at home.

What people are saying.

“I was initially very skeptical about gDiapers... thought they would be messy. I was so wrong. I LOVE them. I can’t say enough about them. I've already emailed everyone and told everyone how great they are and how easy to use. My son is 9 months and I'm wishing I knew about these before. What a great alternative to messy cloth and eco- unfriendly plastics. Genius idea! Thanks so much and I will continue to spread the word!!!” Ashley~Old Orchard Beach, MI

“LOVE gDiapers! So this is only day 1 of using them but they’re already a fast favorite!! WOOHOO! Thanks for inventing something eco-friendly, un-smelly, and so darned cute! " Tsasa ~ Yacolt, WA

"I love being able to flush this diaper! I love that it does not go into a landfill! I love that I am not using a diaper service anymore that uses a ton of water and chemicals to clean the diapers! I love that I am not having to use diaper covers that irritate my baby's skin ... We feel great about this choice!" Keren ~ Portland, OR

“I'm a part time cloth diaper user (mainly just at home for convenience), and I had been using disposable diapers for the last 21 months until I discovered gDiapers. Well! My only complaint is that I'd never heard of these before! My daughter is nearly ready for toilet training, but that didn't stop me from rushing out to get myself set up with gDiapers for the rest of our diapering journey together. I am positively in LOVE with your product. It is easy, it’s lovely on the conscience, and I get comments on how cute her little bum is in her soft cozy diapers. Thank you so much for finally developing a product that us Eco-Mum's can feel good about.” Amy~Arthur, ON




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