ja*lu Organics

With unique fabric choices, French terry cloth and the recycled packaging, ja*lu is the perfect baby gift for the green mama. ja*lu is an exciting new line of baby accessories, made from 100% certified organic cotton.

ja*lu products are functional and stylish, designed for parents who want their children to grow up organic.

the little lu

100% Certified Organic Cotton When it’s time for beddy-by, give your little one the perfect little companion he or she can comfortably hold tight. The Little Lu is made from only the softest organic cotton velour and it only gets softer with each and every wash. refresh: Machine wash cold, tumble-dry low. size 19 x 19 inches sewn in the USA

the stroller blanket

100% Certified Organic Cotton Let them snuggle up to something extra comfy with every trip they take. The ja*lu Stroller Blanket is just the right size for a stroll in the park, a cool ride in the car or for just hanging out. Packaged in a ready to gift box, this signature ja*lu gift box is so stylish you won't need anything else. refresh: Machine wash cold, tumble-dry low. size 30 x 35 inches sewn in the USA

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about ja*lu

the mission
ja*lu will provide children and parents with products they can rely on, grounded in a foundation of environmental awareness, health and safety. ja*lu strives to bring these products to the marketplace in a way that makes organic an everyday choice. ja*lu will give back in many ways and encourage the spirit of philanthropy.

the foundation
ja*lu is located in the city of Spokane, Washington and began shipping product in February 2008. It is important to all of us at ja*lu to create products that are safe for children, yet remain stylish and functional. When considering the different textile options, organic cotton became the clear choice, since it is not only better for the environment, but more importantly free of the harsh chemicals that could affect our babies. With a background in manufacturing and business, I set out to create products I would use for my own children, knowing other mothers would love them too.

the motivation
What can I say, having children changes the way you look at life, and it's been no different for me. I love staying home with my boys, but also craved the sense of accomplishment I had in the professional life. My goal was to create a company that allowed both and could actually make a difference in areas that are important to me. That is when I came up with the idea for an organic line of baby gear. I see it as an opportunity to take care of our environment and our babies with products that are made with both in mind, after all, they both deserve our best.




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