My Nochi Full Size Blankis

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From the creators of the deluxe Nochi Sleeper, comes the ultimate in luxury baby blankets - the full size Blanki. Minky rosebud swirls, delicate blue pinstripes, zebra and raised ivory dot chenille mix together to create one-of-a-kind blankets you and your baby will cherish for years.

Blankis arrive beautifully presented with organza ribbon and hang tag - great for gift giving.

* Full-size Blanki ~ 50% off: As unique as it is soft, the full-size blanki is a generously sized - perfect for keeping your baby warm through toddlerhood.

Size: 36"x33" Blanki & 18"x18" Softi

Pink: mixture of pinky swirl, ivory dot, and ivory plush

Blue: mixture of blue stripe, golden zebra, and ivory plush

Ivory: mixture of ivory dot, golden zebra, and ivory plush

About My Nochi

Russian for night, the orginal “nochi” sleeper made its debut when necessity, the mother of all invention, required grandmother-to-be and craft enthusiast Debbie Stapley to seek a solution to keeping her new granddaughter warm at night during the cold New York winter. Now, several years later, the Nochi Sleeper and coordinating blankis and softis may be found in baby boutiques and Nordstrom stores across the U.S. Product proudly made in USA.

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