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Fleurville Diaper Bags

Luxury handbag, or diaper bag? Fleurville's G-Luxe is sleek and stylish - easily transitioning from daytime mommy bag, to stylish handbag at night. If it's the extra room you crave, welcome aboard Fleurville's Mothership - where there's enough room for both mom and baby essentials.


The G-Luxe from Fleurville is stylish, durable and good for the environment. The rectangular box shape of the G-Luxe makes it ideal for carrying and organizing all of baby's essentials. The main compartment of the G-Luxe is water-proofed and seam-taped while one of the end pockets is fleece lined to store your sun-glasses or cell-phone. It is made poly-urethane leather substitute that is much less toxic (than leather) to those people making our bags. At the same time, it feels just like leather and is super easy to spot clean.



This very durable and stylish bag is great for all day trips, for traveling, for caregivers of more than one child, or for anytime you need to really be prepared and carry a bunch of stuff with you. The bag is constructed to stand up and stay open so you only need one hand for the bag and one for the baby!


*Limit one, per Canadian order

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