BabyLegs Notsox ~ Set of 3 Pairs

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NotSox by BabyLegs, the original leg and arm warmers for your little one! You won't find these designs anywhere else, and especially not 58% off! Be a trendsetter - stock up for baby shower gifts or birthdays for all the babies and kids in your life and their moms will thank you. Better yet, it’s a gift they won't outgrow and can be used for any season!

Why Parents Adore BabyLegs Notsox

One size fits most. Standard size 33cm fits most, from newborn to 10 year olds. Adults also wear BabyLegs on their arms or on their legs like toeless knee high’s.

Option One Rain Drops, Dewey, Lancelot

Option Two Rain Drops, Guinevere, Grape

Option Three Rain Drops, Island, Guinevere

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