My Traveling ABC's Toys and Book Set

26 delightful soft toys A through Z that hang on anything from your shopping cart cover, car seat, highchair cover, or stroller to keep baby's toys at reach and from falling! Each toy has an interesting texture and crinkle sound that baby loves!

Parents spend large amounts of time in the grocery store, and babies don’t always enjoy the ride. How often do we keep them entertained while shopping by pointing out foods that begin with certain letters of the alphabet: "B - Banana!" My traveling ABC's and Book Set are the perfect companion to making shopping a fun and interactive learning experience!

This series of “take-along” letters was designed with a learning goal in mind! Babies love them! You can attach them to the toy loops of your shopping cart cover and point out foods with names that start with each letter. Or, attach "a letter a day" to your car seat and explore the learning opportunities every time you leave the house. You will love this fun toy and book set:

*All of our toys meet stringent ASTM F963 standards for quality and safety. None of our adorable plush toys contain lead.

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