GroBaby™ Hybrid Cloth Diapering Package

*Canada - Limit ONE per order. Shipping via UPS

A perfect set for the cloth diapering newbie, long-time pro and everyone in between. GroBaby's™ three one-size fits all diaper shells paired with 150 disposable, flushable inserts makes test driving a hybrid diapering system easy.

Choose from Four Color Options that Include:

GroBaby™ Single Shells are a super trim cover to go over fitteds or prefolds. This is our popular GroBaby™ Shell WITHOUT Soaker Pad or Booster. These are the perfect, trim cover over trifolded prefolds and most fitted diapers. The GroBaby™ one-size diaper is a revolution in cloth diapering. This innovative shell design minimizes diaper waste and cost.

GroBaby™ BioSoakers are a perfect solution for cloth diapering on the go. Use exclusively or when on vacation, at day care, or running errands.

Compost: Remove any solid matter and compost in your garden or commercial composting program. Compostable to EU and USA composting standards.

Dispose: Bio Soaker Pads are plastic-free and biodegrade in professionally managed composting programs. (Traditional disposables take up to 500 years).*

Flush: Tear open your pad and empty the core contents into the toilet. Throw outer away.

BioSoaker Sizing:

Size 1: 6 months and under OR Lowest or Mid-rise Snap Setting
Children under 6 months generally go through 12 to 14 diaper changes per day
Size 2: 6 months and up OR Mid-rise Snap Setting and Fully Extended Children 6 months and up will use 8 to 10 diaper changes per day

**USER TIP: For fastest and easiest use simply lay/spread your BioSoaker in your GroBaby Shell or favorite diaper cover and fasten on baby (not using the sticky tabs). It is super easy and works just as well!!!

About The Natural Baby Company

The Natural Baby Company’s mission has always been to create the ultimate in cloth diapering and natural baby products. GroBaby™ a revolution in the cloth diapering has taken the market by storm.

Buying from The Natural Baby Company means you are purchasing well made, often organic, products that have been tested and proven in the marketplace. Since its inception NBC has practiced supporting small businesses that help sustain healthy lifestyle choices, such as cloth diapering.

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