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Earth Mom & Baby Bumboo Diapers

The design of the Bumboo diaper is unique- the long 'flap' looks a little strange to some. The reason for this design is because bamboo is so absorbent; it holds 4x more fluid, weight-for-weight, than cotton. This means that the diaper takes a long time to dry. The long rise is designed so that there would not be so many layers of the diaper sewn together, allowing for faster drying times, but still giving parents the ability to customize the layers, doubling up where their baby is going to wet the most- up front for little boys, and at the bottom for little girls. The added benefit of this design is that it allows for greater adjustablity through the rise of the diaper and also the waist- this diaper will fit a long, skinny baby just as well as a round chubby one, and for longer.

Bumboo Diapers fabric is one-of-a-kind. Lots of loving time was spent to create a bamboo fabric that was polyester-free. Polyester and microfiber are synthetic fibers, and not green- not renewable, sustainable or biodegradable. Most often bamboo fabric is made from looping bamboo fibers onto a grid of polyester; this is done to provide strength to the fabric. With a little creativity and patience, this better option was found. Silk is lightweight but strong; it is also renewable, sustainable and biodegradable, Earth Mom & Baby's green standard. Bumboo diapers are made from 100% bamboo fibers woven onto a bed of silk; doesn't that sound like something you would want on your baby's soft bottom?


Made from 98% bamboo from viscose and 2% silk. Made in China.

Company info:
Earth Mom & Baby is a mom-and-daughter company from Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada. The diapers and tops were designed by my mother, Noreen Walker, who is one of the longest practicing registered midwives in Canada- she has caught over 3000 babies over 35 years! Noreen has listened to the moms talk about what they like, don't like, need and don't need. She took all of this knowledge accumulated over her many years of practicing and incorporated it all into her designs.

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