Earth Mom & Baby Pika Bubi Nursing Tops

This is truly a nursing top that mothers can wear anywhere- it doesn't look like a nursing top. There are no buttons or zippers. No baby sweating under a hot blanket or fighting under a cover. Available in elegant black- very forgiving, and stain-camouflaging! Also, we made it with a very soft and stretchy weave of bamboo- because we know that baby is going to touch it just as much as mommy will.

Made with new mommies in mind: there are extra gathers at the waist, comfortably disguising the new mommy tummy, and long enough to cover the hips. Abdomen is never exposed.

Nurse anywhere, without attracting any attention!


Made from 70% bamboo from rayon/ 25% cotton / 5% spandex.

Company info:
We are a mom-and-daughter company from Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada. The diapers and tops were designed by my mother, Noreen Walker, who is one of the longest practicing registered midwives in Canada- she has caught over 3000 babies over 35 years. She has listened to the moms talk about what they like, don't like, need and don't need. She took all of this knowledge accumulated over her many years of practicing and incorporated it all into her designs.

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