5 Little Piggies Ring Slings

Be fashionable while wearing your baby! Each sling is made with a sturdy, designer linen fabric and secured with stylish brushed silver rings. A convenient pocket allows for storage of keys, wallet, cell phone, pacifier and anything else you might need.

Baby-wearing is an experience a new mommy shouldn't miss. You can comfort the colicky baby all while doing those mundane household chores. Holding a snugly toddler becomes a joy when your arms don't loose feeling and you still have two hands free!

Ring slings are a well known type of baby sling, easy to use, easy in and out with a very useful long tail at the end. Most mommies can wear any size, the size dictates the length of the tail. Ring slings have a learning curve, but they give mommy more options because they are more adjustable than pouches. The upright or tummy to tummy hold can be difficult in a pouch sling. With a ring sling the top rail can be tightened to support a young baby in a vertical position.

Ring slings are ideal for discreet breast-feeding. You can feed the baby while in the sling and use the long tail to cover if desired, or use it to protect baby or toddler from the sun, wind or rain.

Benefits of a ring sling:

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