Dwell Studio Magnetic Animals & MindBlocks

Playtime never looked this good. Known for their vibrant and modern textile designs, Dwell Studio's adorable magnetic animals and soft mindblocks will exceed your discerning taste while perfectly stimulating your baby with their various shapes and delightful colors.


This set, which includes an elephant, hippopotamus and ox, is outfitted with encased magnetic parts that allow children to configure and reconfigure the friendly creatures in inventive, if zoologically incorrect, combinations. Each animal also contains tactile and aural components to keep even your smallest ones intrigued.

Set of 3. Elephant, hippopotamus, and ox, each with a head and tail.

Each animal approximately 8" l x 3" d.

Cleaning & Care
Spot clean only.


These multi - colored blocks will be an new and intriguing way for your child to play with their toys. Each block breaks apart into three various shaped and colored sections, so your child can begin to learn about different shapes and colors at a very young age - their very first puzzle. These blocks have a soft rattle.

Each block approximately 5" x 5" x 2.25".

Cleaning & Care
Spot clean only.

Both sides shown below:

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