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Little Soles™ Urban Infant Shoes

After discovering there were no safety regulations whatsoever for shoe material, Little Soles™ set out to manufacture safe shoes for babies and children using non-toxic Eco Leather. With safety, quality, and lasting style as their guide, Little Soles designs amazing shoes with no harmful dyes, toxins, formaldehyde or lead content.

Little Soles ™ Urban Infant Shoes Collection is fun and funky - yet traditional and sophisticated. A perfect balance sure to get your little one's tootsie's noticed! Features include:

Size Chart

inner sole length
19 Euro / 3 US 12.8 cm 5.0 in
20 Euro / 4 US 13.4 cm 5.3 in
21 Euro / 5 US 14.0 cm 5.5 in
22 Euro / 6 US 14.6 cm 5.7 in
23 Euro / 7 US 15.2 cm 6.0 in
24 Euro / 8 US 15.8 cm 6.2 in

*Please note there should be 1 cm added to the foot measurement to allow for proper grow room and movement.

Little Soles ™ Passion for Safety

After lead was discovered in toys made in China, Little Soles ™ founder, Jessica Jacobs began to research industry requirements for safety in shoes. After all, crib shoes worn by babies almost always end up in the baby’s mouth. And children’s shoes certainly come into contact with bare skin. After discovering there were no regulations whatsoever for shoe material safety, Little Soles™ set out to manufacture shoes that are both safe and non-toxic using Eco Leather.

Eco Leather? What’s that?

Eco leather is made using non toxic tanning processes and with safe, non toxic dyes. The leathers in the shoes are also remnants that would otherwise have been thrown away. Each batch of leather is rigorously tested for safety before being made into shoes. Only after passing standards stricter than any found in Europe, United States or Canada, will these shoes find their way to your home.

Little Soles Inc., ™ a Canadian company, is socially responsible and environmentally aware of the impact they and their products have on the Earth.

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