BabyLegs Tights ~ 2 packs

Sweeten up your little girls legs with delicious candy-inspired shades too yummy to pass up! Great for keeping legs and tootsies comfy, pair these little tights with a dress and your little one will be the hit at the next social! BabyLegs girls tights are made with a little extra room for a diaper to ensure a comfortable roomy fit.

Nougat/Caramellow Girls Tights

BabyLegs took their most popular design, Neapolitan, and turned it into a pair of tights with bottom grippers. Pair with Caramellow's dots and stripes, and you have a winning combo!

Smarties/Sugar Cookies Footless Girls Tights

Wrap these around your little "smarty pants." Shades of pink and blue, with yellow, brown and purple too! Paired with our Sugar Cookie, these footless girls tights are incredibly scrumptious!

Nanaimo/Sweetie Girls Tights

Chocolate brown girls tights are layered with dark pink, purple and light pink candy dots for a delightful fashion treat. paired with "sweetie" and you have a classic "go to" pair that matches everything! Bottoms feature grippers.

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