GroBaby™ Hybrid Shell Set 3-Packs

Canada - limit TWO per order

Perfect for the cloth diapering newbie, long-time pro and everyone in between! Besides being just so darn cute, GroBaby's™ Hybrid Shell Sets include everything you need to start diapering -the one size fits Outer Shell, Organic Soaker Pad, and Booster Pad. Use the washable Organic Soaker Pads included, or with GroBaby's™ disposable BioSoakers to make cloth diapering fit your lifestyle.

GroBaby™ Hybrid Shell Sets are a super trim all-in-one, one-size diaper system that includes both a washable Organic Cotton Soaker Pad and Booster Pad (Booster used for additional absorbency for heavy wetters) that snap inside the shell. What makes GroBaby's™ design so brilliant? You only need a couple shells throughout the day. If the diaper is wet, just snap out and snap in a new soaker! No need to replace the entire diaper!

Each Individual Shell Set/Diaper Includes:

Shell Set/Diaper Features:

This diaper system is completely compatible with GroBaby's™ newly re-branded GroVia™ products.

GroBaby™ One Size Diaper Revolution gone are the days of buying multiple sizes for your growing peanut! Save money with GroBaby's™ one-size Shell Sets that fit newborns through through toddlerhood:

GroBaby™ Organic Cotton Snap-in Soaker Pads are designed to be super absorbent yet trim. Your GroBaby™ Pads will mean smaller loads of laundry that use less water and detergent. Their unique design wash well and dry quickly. Made with 6 layers of organic cotton! Each pack includes 2 Pads.

To Use: Simply snap your GroBaby™ Pad into your GroBaby™ Shell. When wet, unsnap and replace with a fresh GroBaby Pad. If soiled, place both Pad and Shell into diaper pail and start with a new set!

GroBaby's™ Buying Recommendation is listed below. Congratulations on taking the cloth diapering plunge! This investment will ultimately save hundreds of dollars per year, reduces landfill waste by the truckload, and is great for protecting little tushies from nasty diaper rashes thanks to organic cotton and no dioxins!

GroBaby™ vs. GroVia™ - What is the Difference? GroBaby™ recently re-branded as GroVia™, but all GroBaby™ products are 100% interchangeable and compatible with GroVia™ products. The difference between GroVia™ Shell Sets and today's GroBaby™ Shell Sets are as follows:

Option One Wildflower, SunSet Stripe, Vanilla Snap

Option Two Bluebirds, Seaside Stripe, Vanilla Snap

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