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Baby NapCap

Babies have a lot of new information to process. Every noise, movement and feeling can be a distraction and prevent a restful sleep for your little one. With the Baby NapCap, gone are the days of throwing a blanket over your little one's car seat to block out light or distractions and worrying about them overheating, or not being able to watch them breathe.

Parents and caregivers are finding the NapCap to be the perfect aid and solution to sleep problems with babies. A simple yet ingenious design blocks out light and distractions safely without inhibiting breathing. The NapCap will relax mild tension and stress, and induce important restful naps. With consistent use the NapCap has been found to promote a learned response to sleep and a perfect way to help maintain your baby’s sleeping routine.

Designed with safety in mind, the bill or veil on the NapCap is delicate polyester that falls down over the eyes and has been made of light material in a shape that floats over the baby's nose so as not to interfere with breathing:

Besides being a wonderful sleep aid, NapCaps can be used in more ways than one:

Parents have found the NapCap a wonderful alternative to sunglasses and use it virtually anytime, anywhere:


Fits up to 18lbs. (approximately 0 to 9 months)

Rib cuff stretches for a perfect fit, while premium fabric keeps shape wash after wash!


“With NapCap, your baby can shut out the busy world and sleep virtually anywhere.” Susie M., NICU Nurse

"NapCap worked like magic, my baby closed his eyes and went right to sleep without crying at all. What a wonderful product!" Kelly C., mother of two.

“After 35 years as a practicing pediatrician, finally there is a product that works to help get babies to sleep.” says Dr. David Schmottlach of Children's Primary Care Medical Group, Encinitas' California. "The Baby NapCap is safe with a snug fitting cap and light weight flap to cover the eyes and eliminate light and distractions.”

"The NapCap helps get my baby to sleep in minutes.” L.M., working mother.

The Baby NapCap is a great idea to help a tired, fussy baby shut out motion and activity so he or she can settle down to sleep. It reminds me of when I pull a blanket over my head to take a nap during the day. Baby NapCap is to a baby what a sleep mask and ear plugs are to adults. What a great idea! Lynn C., Nurse Practitioner

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