Snap 'n Go ~ Easy Carseat Install Aid

For the countless moms and dads sacrificing their hands and knuckles to thread seatbelts through the back of their carseat, this is one invention that will resonate. Introducing Snap 'n Go, the first-ever aid that makes installing a carseat easy work. Simply unfurl, "snap" the Snap 'n Go on the ends to make it rigid, connect to your seat belt, and thread it through the back of the carseat!

How Snap 'n Go Works: Quick and easy to use, keep your Snap 'n Go latched onto your carseat (remove snap n go from from carseat when car is in motion), and you will always know where it is!

About Snap 'n Go:

Invented by Lisa Pinegar, a mother of nine, who knew all too well the hassle of installing a carseat in cars without the LATCH system, the Snap n' Go was created not only to make life a little easier for parents, but to ultimately save child's lives. Inspired by a tragic story of a young mother who lost her baby in an auto accident while traveling a short distance and didn't properly install her carseat because of the hassle, Lisa decided to do something. The result is the first-ever cart seat installation aid.

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